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Nikki's Plans

Nikki provides individually-tailored menu plans that will ensure realistic, lifelong positive changes in your eating.

Her nutrition services may be eligible for rebates from private health insurance depending on your insurance fund or level of cover. Contact your health insurer to see if you are eligible.

Pay as you Go

  • 1x 60 minute Initial Consultation:               $250.00
  • 1x 30 minute Follow-up:                                $125.00
  • 1x 15 minute Check-in:                                   $63.00
  • 1x 90 minute Shared Initial Consultation: $355.00

Request a Booking

Please read about our packages and appointment types and consider the time you require. Payment will be within 24 hours of the appointment.

Contact Nikki for an appointment.


Read more about each package including appointment timings and further details.

Blue Zone Longevity Packages

Based on the concept developed by Dan Buettner and his work with National Geographic.

This longevity package is designed for people over the age of 50y – to help you ‘Live Better, Longer’! The inhabitants of the 5 Blue Zones around the world eat a diet that is at least 80% plant focused – this is not for global sustainability but because the food is local, seasonal and economical.

Applying the principles of the #BlueZones this 12 month programme aims to improve your Blood Cholesterol, Blood glucose, HbA1C, and Blood Pressure.

This lowers your risk for Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes.

1 Adult

1 x 60 minute Initial Assessment reviewing current medical and nutritional status and current lifestyle behaviours with the creation of a new Eating and Activity Plan

+ 11 x 30 minute (monthly)

Total Package is worth $1615.00 (10% Discount = $1462.00)


1 x 90 minute Shared Initial Assessment

+ 11 x 30 minute Follow-ups (shared)

Total Package is worth $1730.00 (10% Discount $1557.00)

12 weekly (Quarterly) 1 Adult

1 x 60 minute Initial Assessment

+ 2 x 30 minute Follow-ups

Total Package is worth $500.00 (10% Discount $450.00)

12 weekly (Quarterly) Couple

1 x 90 minute Shared Initial Assessment

+ 2 x 30 minute Follow-ups (shared)

Total Package is worth $605 (10% Discount $544.50)

FODMAP Package

This package is available for individuals only.

1 x 60 minute Initial Assessment

+ 1 x 30 minute (3 weeks) Follow-up (Half way through exclusion phase)

+ 1 x 30 minute (6 weeks) Follow-up and Challenge List Set

+ 1 x 30 minute (12 week) Evaluate Nutrition Plan

Total Package is worth $625 (10% Discount $562.50)

Weight Management Package

12 week commitment (fortnightly check ups)

1 x 60 minute Initial Assessment

+ 5 x 15 minute Check-ups


Total Package is worth $565.00 (10% Discount $508.50

Seminars and Workshops

Nikki’s diverse knowledge and extensive experience across the full spectrum of nutrition means she can deliver a range of topics to suit the needs of your audience.

Seminars are priced on individual requirements as well as location.

Please contact her directly for a quote.


Payments must be received Online no later than 24 hours after the completion of your appointment or made via Direct Mobile Banking at the time of your appointment.


Packages must be paid in full at the time of purchase, are non-re-fundable and any unused sessions cannot be redeemed for cash.

Failure to make a payment within the 24 hour period may see your outstanding payment transferred to a Debt Collection agency. You will be liable for all costs pertaining to the collection of the payment.

Cancellation Policy

You are very important to me in terms of your goals and success.

Where possible I ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation (except of course with sickness) so that I can offer your time to another client. Failure to cancel or attend a booked session will result in you being charged 50% of the cost of the session.

Please note that packages are offered at a discounted rate so any sessions which are not attended or cancelled within the 24 hour notice period will become void.

Insurance Rebates

Nutrition services may be eligible for rebates from some private health insurance providers, depending on your level of cover. You may need a referral from your GP or specialist with regards to a claim.

Once you have paid for the nutrition consultation, a receipt will be generated for you to send to insurer so you can claim for the session against your policy.

I can be claimed as a ‘New Zealand Registered Nutritionist’.


While I take every effort to ensure the information contained on this website is accurate and up to date, no guarantees are given.

The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for individualized dietary advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

I disclaim all liability from third party for any injury, damage or loss suffered as a result of reliance on the information on this site.